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Agrochemical Formulation Strategies for Crop Protection Online Academy

Get to grips with key agrochemical formulation types

Brand new 4-week online course starting 2nd July 2018

Online Academy

This course is designed for professionals seeking to advance their formulation career. Over the course of 4 weeks and 7 modules, learners will increase their understanding of such topics as:

  • EC and EW formulations
  • SC, WG and OD formulations
  • Bioavailability of active ingredients
  • Seed treatment and coating

Learners may have previously participated in ATI's A Beginner's Guide to Agrochemical Formulations and may use this course as a suitable follow-on. Alternatively, learners may already be familar with the basics of agrochemical formulation and may use this course to improve their knowledge of specific formulation types.

What is an Online Academy course? 

Online academy is a new online, interactive and engaging education tool designed to maximise learning for professionals with busy schedules and/or small training budgets.

The online academy brings alike professionals together and gives you the opportunity to share ideas and questions via the discussion forum creating your own professional community. Our on-demand feature means the content is available as and when you need it allowing greater flexibility to your professional development and learning.


Students will learn through:

  • 7 modules, split up into multiple bitesize recorded videos
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge
  • Revisit the content with unlimited access to all the materials for 2 months
  • Access the discussion forum and interact with other students and the trainer
  • Direct contact with the trainer through the forum during the 4 weeks the course is running
  • Additional content such as slides and white papers available to download

Dr Michel Henriet is a consultant in formulation of agrochemicals for crop protection and non-agricultural pest control. Michel gained his PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium and went on to work in a range of formulation R&D roles. Until 2012, he acted as a manager in formulation technology for Bayer CropScience AG. He is now the owner of his own consultancy, advising clients on product development, manufacturing and use of appropriate co-formulants to comply with regulatory requirements.

  • Understand the benefits and drawbacks, development and manufacturing process of EC and EW, WG, SC and OD formulations
  • Comprehend key physico-chemical characteristics of all formulation types
  • Review recent patent applications
  • Consider steps involved in transferring active ingredients from tank to target
  • Examine use of adjuvants in formulations
  • Gain insight into opportunities, constraints, benefits and technologies of controlled release of active ingredients
  • Learn about key players and products in seed treatments

This course will be of interest to professionals desiring to improve their knowledge of agrochemical formulations, from departments such as:

  • Formulation
  • Scale up
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply
  • Application
  • R&D
  • Innovation
  • Regulatory

What happens during an Online Academy course?

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Free Course Sample

Sample module of Beginner's Guide is available to try:
"Introduction to Agrochemical Formulations" part of module 1.

This overview is delivered by Dr Bullock and Dr Calvert, the trainers of this online course.

Access the free sample module>>